Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Using RTI to Get Income Tax Refund

There are many disputes regarding this tax refund many people have complaint about the tax refunds that the income tax administration is taking many years in refunding the money.
The Right to Information Act (RTI) came into effect from October 12, 2005. The right to information Act helps many citizens to obtain information, which earlier was a not available, from various Govt Departments and other association like PSUs, Indian Railways, Reserve Bank of India and so on.


Right to Information Act is simple but it is very effective, So far, the achievement of Right to information applications in the income tax department is extraordinarily 100%. In every case, the right to information application gets attended to immediately and you get pending refunds within 30 days. It is a outstanding and for the most part effectual tool to get your income-tax refunds if they have been due since long. However, you have to be alert in framing the questions you ask in search of information.
The questions you ask should not be in a demanding manner you should never ask any questions like "why you did not send my tax refund". But try to ask in a pleasing, manner like "please give me the information regarding the overdue refunds. Because the questions you're asking a public information officer who is in a good authority and it's even your duty to respect him giving good honors
The Right to information Act (RTI) is so commanding that the results in a good number of the cases are remarkably outstanding. The right to information Act provides for a time-bound and definite process for citizens to access information
The best place to contact for any assistance you need to visit the right to information clinic run by Bombay chartered accountant's society foundation, the office is located at marine lines on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saturdays and the timings would be 11.00am to 13.00pm on every month. If you would like to fix an appointment before in hand then you can contact his particular phone number 022 – 66595601.
The Income Tax Act 1961 lays down the frame work or the basis of charge and the computation of total income of a person. It also stipulates the manner in which it is to be brought to tax, defining in detail the exemptions, deductions, rebates and reliefs. In exercise of the powers conferred by section 295 of the Income Tax Act 1961 and Rule 15 of Part A, Rule 11 of Part B and Rule 9 of Part C of the Fourth Schedule to the Act, the CBDT has notified Income Tax Rules 1962. These Rules lay down limits, conditions, definitions, explanations, and forms of applications and procedures for the uniform application of the Income Tax Act.


  • RTGS /NECS: to enable credit card refund directly to the bank account, tax payers bank A/C (should be latest 10 digits), micro code of bank branch and the correct communication addresses mandatory.
  • Paper cheque: bank account no, and correct address should be given.

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